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Betable provides the only full stack platform for frictionless market entry and creation, distribution and consumption of gambling entertainment. The platform is made up of 3 features: Engine, Reach and Wallet. Betable also creates online casinos to showcase the games to users and allow them to play with real money online.



Developers want access to real money gaming but
obtaining licenses and creating compliant technology are time consuming and expensive. Players have to deposit funds into different accounts for every single casino or app they play.

•Non responsive games
•Depositing money on multiple websites
•Multiple logins and passwords
•Hard to obtain license for real money gambling



To create a platform that has multiple functionality for developers and end users. Some of these features are:

•Online responsive Casino to showcase the games
•Build native app
•Universal login, password and wallet to hold users information
•Marketing tool for content management, player relationship management, acquisition, distribution and discovery tools.


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We broke our targeted users down into 2 groups:  Gamers and Developers.  The gaming user consists of The Casual Gamer, Avid Gamer and Whale.  The Casual Gamer:  spends a small amount of money online gambling, plays only a couple hours a week, not willing to pay a monthly fee for gaming, would be interested in weekly promotions and wants to cash out right away.  The Avid Gamer:  spends over a $1000 per month, plays at least 3 hours per day online, willing to a pay a month fee for gaming, interested in daily promotions and will cash out once a day.  The Whale:  spends over 10K+ per month, play 3+ hours per day, willing to pay a monthly gaming fee at multiple sites, interested in daily promotions targeting the user and might cash out once a week.

The gaming developers make up half of the pie.  We need developers to use our platform to launch their game, promote and bring new and recurring players.  The Gaming Developer:  develops casino games as a living, has a least 1 game that is real money gaming, needs help setting up licensing for real money gambling and also UA and retention, interested in setting up daily promotions to target users and needs a universal wallet to hold the users finances.


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Betable's ecosystem consists of 6 properties:  Betable Corp, Engine, Reach, Wallet, Prospect Hall Casino and Prospect Hall's native iOS app.  

Betable Corp is a marketing website that selling the brand and explains what Betable is all about.  It throughly explains to our target users how signing up will benefit them.  

Engine provides developers with a single toolkit to create, certify and launch any type of real money game without acquiring their own licenses or taking on the burden of compliance.  

Reach allows partners to understand player behavior across an entire ecosystem so they can provide the best possible personalized experience. The toolkit includes content management, player relationship management, acquisition, distribution and discovery tools.

Wallet is a universal identity, payment and loyalty ID usable across the entire Betable ecosystem that gives players access to the best gambling games including exclusive and mobile-first content.

Prospect Hall Casino is built with players in mind. We created a timeless experience with all the slots and table games you expect. Then we upped the ante by adding exclusive games, generous promotions, bigger jackpots and never-before-seen experiences to add to the fun.  The casino is a responsive mobile friendly website and also has a native iOS app.


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Robert is a developer that is looking for solutions to setting up real money gambling on his multiple casino games, but he isn't sure to go about doing this.  He has looked into it, but obtaining licenses and creating compliant technology are time consuming and expensive.  His most important factors of this solution is that it be a simple process to add to his games and that it isn't going to break the bank.


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A typical user journey for a regular player would be an online search term for 'Online Casino' and then would see 'Top online casinos list' and eventually land on Prospect Hall Casino's website.  The user wants to play an online game with real money.  The user will be able to demo the game, but won't be able to play with real money until they have signed up for an account and added a debit card.  Once the user has added a debit card to their account they can then start gambing for real money.

A developers journey is a bit different.  The developer is looking for a way to add real money gambling to his games, so he would search: 'Real money gambling SDK', and then see a list of 'Top 10 gambling and gaming API's'.  The top 10 link would take the user to Betable's corporate website.  If the user is interesting in signing up they would need to request access and a game representative would reach out and walk them through the process of getting signed up.  Once they have credentials they can log in to their account and add their games.  Once they add the games they will go through an approval process.  Once that is complete the user has access to content management, player relationship management, acquisition and distribution through Reach.



Prospect Hall Casino is a responsive website and a native iOS app.  The home page is a vertical scrolling list of available games to gamble online. The user can browse these games without signing up and also demo the games.

The navigation is a drawer that slides in from the left side of the screen. We strip some of the navigation links out of the mobile nav to focus the user on the main pages. There is one call to action to drive users to sign up for a plan.

If the user taps on a see more link that section will slide up from the bottom. They can also swipe it down to reveal the home page again.

When the user clicks on a game a modal will overtake the screen with the game detail, a sign up and play button and try game. Users can try the game without signing up, but they won't be able to play for real money until signing up.  Once the user signs up they will be taken to the account and wallet screen where they can add a debit card and begin playing.

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This prototype showcases the intended interaction of Prospect Hall's list view, user profile and search in the native iOS app.



Betable's universal wallet that can be used on several websites to play real money gambling games.  This native app stores all your card data, deposits, withdrawals and transaction history.

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The prototype showcases the intended interaction of the wallet app. The interactions I have prototyped are: Swiping through the users different cards, scrolling transaction history, editing card data and changing deposit amount.



Betable Reach allows partners to understand player behavior across an entire ecosystem so they can provide the best possible personalized experience. The toolkit includes content management, player relationship management, acquisition, distribution and discovery tools.


Reach Dashboard

The Reach dashboard is a quick jump off point for campaign, promotions and metrics.  
Users can add or remove elements from the dashboard.


Reach Promotions

The Reach promotions tab has a calendar view to quickly see your
upcoming promotions and quickly add new promos.


Reach Metrics

Reach metrics is an interface to track all users data.  Users can add multiple
variants to track campaigns, messaging and promotions


Reach Style guide

A style guide explaining color schemes, fonts and pixel sizes for developers



The corporate marketing website thoroughly explains Betable's Platform and how Engine, Reach and Wallet all work together to make the developers game profitable, acquire new players, and keep existing players happy.



Betable corporate's home page.


Betable Engine

The Engine toolkit


About Betable

The about page talks about Betable's values, the team, investing partners and contact us.



I was the lead product designer at Betable for a year and a half and I really enjoyed the variety of work and leading the team design team.  We created some very powerful products that are thriving today and Betable is at the forefront of the real money gambling space.